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Surface Not Responding

Looking for the best  Surface Pro screen repair solution in UAE? Relax then! For now you’ve landed just at the right place. At F2repair, we have repaired and done replacement for 1000s of Surface Pro screens.

As impressive as the Surface Pro tablet is, it is just as prone to damage as any other tablet or smartphone. If you aren’t careful about how you handle this tablet, you run the risk of damaging the screen.

Some of the most common screen problems seen in the Surface Pro include scratches, stains, cracks, and broken screen. If your tablet sustains any kind of screen damage, you want to make sure that you get the best screen repair fix for your Surface Pro, and  F2Repair is here just to deliver that. We have expert technicians on hand to tell you exactly what is wrong with your Surface Pro and what it will take to fix it.

Surface Pro Broken Screen

The Surface Pro screen replacement service we provide includes the cost of a brand new LCD screen + Digitizer (Touch screen) and the labor to install it. This service also comes with a No Dead Pixel Guarantee and a 3-month warranty on parts and service. We use genuine new LCDs, not aftermarket or cloned products.

This is the typical repair that is performed when you break or crack your front glass that is also called digitizer. In some cases you will just damage the digitizer and your lcd screen will be still visible and functional and you will not be able to use the touch functionality. However, it is not possible to replace just the lcd as the digitizer and LCD are one piece and cannot be separated within reasonable cost.

This repair will cover any damage to the glass/digitizer or actual lcd screen beneath it. This repair will not include the outer casings/aluminum housing of the tablet or the screen bezel. If you need one of these parts replaced, it will be an additional cost. Just let us know or send us pictures and we will quote exact price in advance.

Surface Pro Overheating Issue

The Surface is an incredibly convenient and portable device that oftentimes suffers from cracked screens and water damage. At F2repair, our expert technicians have seen nearly every type of  Surface Pro damage, and in almost all cases, they can make the necessary repairs to bring it back to life. With fast turnaround and expert service, there is no better resource for  Surface repair – especially when you consider that we offer warranty on our parts and service, and only make use of OEM parts.

One of the most common  Surface repair requests is screen replacement. Because of this, we keep screen and LCD parts in stock at all times. This enables us to provide the quickest possible service – often in under 24 hours. Of course, we offer much more than just repairs due to damage. We also fix minor and major internal malfunctions, too.

With fast turnaround and expert service, there is no better resource for  Surface repairs than F2repair in UAE – especially when you consider that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labor associated with your repair.

We encourage you to drop off your Surface at our store or avail our Free Pick & Drop service. There is no job that we’re afraid to tackle!

Surface Pro Hard Drive Repairs

Upgrade your hard drive to a larger size or a faster speed to get more storage for music, movies, games and and all the other stuff you love.

Solid State Drive pricing includes installation and configuration of the new drive. If your current drive is at a 100% we can clone it onto the new one for $60. A clone is an exact copy of the old SSD onto the new SSD. If you would like us to re-install fresh Windows installation only on the newly installed SSD it will be an additional $60 for imaging the drive.

We will return your old hard drive to you.  If your hard drive is non-functional data recovery options my be available, Contact Us for more information.

Surface Pro Motherboard Repair

There are a variety of symptoms that indicate you may need your logic board repaired such as: Video problems, power-on issues, unexplained beeping, boot failure.

This is the recommended repair for liquid spills.

Feel free to contact us with any specific questions regarding this or any of our repairs through our Contact Us form.

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    Very satisfied with the service, on time and very professional. My surface pro was repaired and returned back on time... Wow impressed actually!!
    To be honest, the best laptop and electronics repairs (personal and business). Tarun is the most professional, attentive, and helpful technician I have dealt with.
    Prompt service! Tarun was very helpful. Fixed my laptop's broken screen same day. Collected the laptop from my office at 11 and delivered it back, fixed, before end of day.
    The service was super fast, efficient and good value for money. I needed to urgently replace my Macbook keyboard, which they’ve provided really fast, while maintaining good quality.
    Very easy to communicate with pickup and drop service. Upmost quality service and competitive price. They are the only who can replace Apple Watch screen.
    Hi I have recently had water damaged on a fairly new MacBook Pro, and had to get the keybpard replaced. Orginally I had it looked at at a vendor in Sharjah. They chaged me a service fee, it worked few days and then it stopped.
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