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Laptop Not Responding

There are Measure failure modes for each year which we are familiar with overhaul. There can be several reasons for your gadget not responding:-

  • Damaged ports in a Laptop can short components.
  • The charging port is damaged and not sending power.
  • The power button is stuck on, and not allowing your Laptop from booting up.
  • After circuits get damaged in the logic board, it will not send power to the right components.
    Many more reasons can be responsible for your laptop not responding. Our expert & experienced technicians can analyze your laptop. You can bring your laptop to our F2 Technology LLC to experience  world-class Laptop Repair Service with most affordable terms in UAE.

Laptop Broken Screen

We stock most screens so we can offer a fast Laptop Repair service in UAE without a time-consuming parts order. We avoid stock of dead pixels and obvious issue screens which are intensely discounted entirely.

For machines that have gone out of production, we use stock that we had purchased while they were in the production of Grade A. If we have exhausted all new stock of LCDs, we use LCDs assemblies that were sold in bulk from demo stores display model machines that were parted out and we make sure for we search for the best available.

Our expert technicians have been fixing physically damaged laptops for years. You can bring your laptop to our F2 Technology LLC to seek world-class Laptop Broken Screen Repair Service With most affordable terms in UAE.


Laptop Overheating Issue

If you are worried and concerned about your laptop getting heated up, no need to worry, we can fix this. You can bring your laptop as it is to our F2 Technology LLC to seek world-class Laptop repair service with the most affordable terms in UAE.

Our expert technicians are well experienced and we can provide you a free estimation and analysis. The temperature of your laptop depends upon the activities you perform, your activity performance can make a big impact on your laptop heating issue.

This also creates confusion for people to understand whether they are facing a problem or not. The fact is, however, that an overheating laptop will not only be uncomfortable to touch but will also cause additional problems the longer you let it go.

Laptop Battery Issue

This issue is common as any laptop battery can make it past two years in good condition. We stock most laptops batteries and can often replace them on the same day at laptop repair service in Dubai, without a parts order.

laptops are designed in a way where their battery is not replaceable, and replacing the top case is very expensive we can do it for you in the most affordable terms. Sometimes it is not the issue of your battery but the charging port. The laptop may also not get charged due to a damaged charging port.

It is always better to seek professional repair in such a situation. Our expert technicians will first analyze your issue and can give world-class repair service in the most affordable terms in UAE.

Laptop Water Damage Repair

Your laptop is a combination of small components connected well with each other. The liquid is a good conductor of electricity that can pass current from one component to another and can also make a short circuit in your laptop’s system.

As soon as you get liquid in your laptop, you should immediately stop using it to stop the electricity flow and fend off the short circuit. Turning it on or using it can make your laptop’s condition worse. In such situations, it is always best to seek professional repair than trying to repair it without proper knowledge.

Even when the damage is this extensive you can bring your laptop to our F2 Technology LLC to get world-class Laptop repair service with the most affordable terms in UAE. 


Laptop Keyboard Repair

The keyboard is the most essential part of your laptop needs to be in good condition every time. Sometimes your keyboard or button stops working, we can replace your laptop keyboard or fix your button.

The keyboard issue depends upon the use of the owner. We can offer same-day service without a part order, as we stock most keyboards. Some laptops are designed in such a way that their keyboard is not replaceable and some top cases are way too expensive.

Our expert technician can replace your keyboard without replacing the entire top case, this can save you a lot of money. Some unnecessary delays and confusion can occur due to laptop companies that use different keyboards for different years of the same model machine, but we stock all keyboards from 2008 to avoid such things.

You can bring your damaged laptop keyboard to F2 Technology LLC to experience world-class laptop keyboard repair service or laptop keyboard replacement service in a limited period and with the most affordable terms in UAE.

Laptop Motherboard Repair

The motherboard is the most vital component of your laptop or computer. Your gadget works on this board. The motherboard is made up of tiny transistors, when they assemble they become logic gates that fill the blocks of computer architecture.

The tiny blocks that are made from circuits can fail and can create problems for your laptop to run erratically or not at all. Repairing itself can create more problem due to lack of expertise or tools would force one to replace the board.

Repairing or replacing can be expensive, but our expert technicians can do it adequately and can save you a lot of money as well as time.

You can come to our F2 Technology LLC to experience a world-class laptop motherboard repair service or laptop motherboard replacement service or computer motherboard repair service or computer motherboard replacing service with the most affordable terms in UAE.

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    • Laptop Doesn’t turn on.
    • Laptop Fan Replacement.
    • Laptop Is Not Charging.
    • Laptop Booting Issue.
    • Laptop Display Issue.
    • Water Damaged Laptop.
    • Buy Laptop Charger Online.
    • Laptop Motherboard Repair.
    • Strange Or Garbled Image On The Laptop Screen.
    • Wireless Connection Setup.
    • Laptop Battery Not Charging.
    • Laptop Screen Light Fails.
    • Laptop RAM Upgrade/New Replacement.
    • Laptop Turns On And Off Repeatedly.
    • Laptop Shuts Down Or Freezes Dead.
    • Laptop OS Installation, Formatting Help.
    • How To Fix Laptop Overheating Issue?.
    • Laptop Servicing & Cleanup Service.
    • Laptop Slow Performance And Slow Internet.
    • Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service.
    • Laptop Fabrication Service In UAE.
    • Laptop Makes Noise While Running.
    • Why Laptop Is So Slow? Tips To Boost. Performance.
    • Laptop Screen Broken Repair/Replacement.
    • Fix Broken Laptop Hinges Repair/Replacement.
    • Laptop Repetitive Beep Sound On Startup.


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    Very satisfied with the service, on time and very professional. My surface pro was repaired and returned back on time... Wow impressed actually!!
    To be honest, the best laptop and electronics repairs (personal and business). Tarun is the most professional, attentive, and helpful technician I have dealt with.
    Prompt service! Tarun was very helpful. Fixed my laptop's broken screen same day. Collected the laptop from my office at 11 and delivered it back, fixed, before end of day.
    The service was super fast, efficient and good value for money. I needed to urgently replace my Macbook keyboard, which they’ve provided really fast, while maintaining good quality.
    Very easy to communicate with pickup and drop service. Upmost quality service and competitive price. They are the only who can replace Apple Watch screen.
    Hi I have recently had water damaged on a fairly new MacBook Pro, and had to get the keybpard replaced. Orginally I had it looked at at a vendor in Sharjah. They chaged me a service fee, it worked few days and then it stopped.
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