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F2 Technology LLC provides the best gaming console repair service in UAE. We have experienced technicians who can give world-class gaming console repair service in UAE. We repair gaming consoles including Playstation (PS2, PS3, Ps4) and Xbox. We also provide services in cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other towns.


Gaming Console repair

Don’t get disappointed in your gaming console not responding properly. You can get professional and best quality gaming console repair in UAE. We also provide 90 days warranty with the most affordable terms. you can rely on it for fixing your gadget & we also ensure you to get the best deal.

At F2 Technology LLC, We offer expert gaming console repair service in UAE so that you can enjoy your favorite games. you are just one call away from getting the best world-class gaming console repair service in UAE.

Gaming Console Common Issues Are:-

PlayStation (PS2, PS3, PS4)

  • After turning on PlayStation there is no picture displayed on the TV screen, the reason can be HDMI port got damaged or the pins will be out of alignment.
  • Sometimes the internal fan makes a lot of noise, and you can see your gadget is heated up and an error message will occur on the screen, and sometimes the console shutdowns. 
  • While turning your gadget on or during game-play, sometimes the internal fan stops spinning and an error message occurs on-screen i.e “PS4 is too hot” and after this message, your gadget can also shut down.
  • While changing the game, sometimes the disc gets stuck or doesn’t eject or PS4 does not pull discs into the console.
  • While inserting a disc, sometimes it takes time to read the disc or while playing a game you can also get disc read errors. 
  • While turning the PS4 on, sometimes it does not responds and doesn’t turn on or the power light do not come on. In some cases, your gadget is losing power shortly.
  • Sometimes when you turn on your gadget, you see no picture is displayed on the TV screen. This issue may occur because of the loss of power instantly after being turned on. 
  • An error like ” An error has occurred in the system software”, Please press the PS button. It will turn your screen black & white.


  • After turning on Xbox there is no picture displayed on TV screen, the reason can be HDMI port got damaged.
  • While inserting disc, sometimes it takes time to read the disc or while playing game you can also get disc read errors.
  • While changing game, sometimes disc gets stuck or doesn’t eject or PS4 do not pull discs into the console.
  • Sometimes an error message occurs from console while connecting Wifi or no wireless networks arrive on screen. Wired internet may work or may not work.
  • After turning on your gadget, it constantly show Xbox logo and display gets stuck on the screen, in some cases screen turns black after a few minutes.
  • Sometimes the controller loses connection with the Xbox and sometimes when you try to sync your controller to xbox it may show an error or will not connect.
  • Errors code with black screen like E100, E102, E300, etc may occur while turning your gadget on or may occur while using gaming console.
  • While updating your Xbox system, sometimes systems does not complete the update or restart, this can occur due to console gets stucks.


  • Sometimes after inserting a game cartridge in the Nintendo Switch, the console does not recognize the cartridge.
  • Sometimes charging port gets damaged, so the Nintendo Switch console doesn’t get charged.
  • Sometimes no picture or obscured by lines or dark areas is seen on screen when the screen gets broken or dented or damaged.
  • Sometimes you can see the picture underneath when the screen gets broken, damaged, or dented but you can still see the picture. in some cases, the console will not accept user input but the screen may look undamaged.

Major & Common Problems

Microsoft Xbox

  • Xbox One Erratic/Unexplained behavior/Freezing
  • Xbox One Overheating
  • Xbox One Controller not working
  • Xbox One Broken housing/casing
  • Xbox One Audio Problem
  • Xbox One Shutting off unexpectedly
  • Xbox One Not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Xbox One Malfunctioning disc drive
  • Xbox One Kinect not working/Kinect failure
  • Xbox One Not Powering on

Sony PlayStation

  • Sony PlayStation Not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Sony PlayStation Overheating
  • Sony PlayStation Broken housing/casing
  • Sony PlayStation Erratic/Unexplained behavior/Freezing
  • Sony PlayStation Blue bleeping light
  • Sony PlayStation Audio Problems
  • Sony PlayStation Malfunctioning disc drive
  • Sony PlayStation Controller not working
  • Sony PlayStation Shutting off unexpectedly
  • Sony PlayStation Not Powering on

Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo Wii U Broken housing/casing
  • Nintendo Wii U Not Powering on
  • Nintendo Wii U Controller not working
  • Nintendo Wii U Not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Nintendo Wii U Overheating
  • Nintendo Wii U Audio problems
  • Nintendo Wii U Malfunctioning disc drive
  • Nintendo Wii U Erratic/Unexplained behavior/Freezing
  • Nintendo Wii U Shutting off unexpectedly

Gaming Console

  • Xbox one Kinect repair
  • Gaming Console Blue beeping light diagnosis
    front screen repair
  • Gaming Audio IC repair/replacement
  • Play station Cable repair/replacement
  • Play Station Fan replacement/repair
  • PlayStation Casing/housing replacement
  • Play station Wi-Fi adapter repair/replacement
    diagnostic service
  • Gaming console
  • Upgrading storage
    liquid damage service
  • Gaming Controller repair
    battery repair

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    Very satisfied with the service, on time and very professional. My surface pro was repaired and returned back on time... Wow impressed actually!!
    To be honest, the best laptop and electronics repairs (personal and business). Tarun is the most professional, attentive, and helpful technician I have dealt with.
    Prompt service! Tarun was very helpful. Fixed my laptop's broken screen same day. Collected the laptop from my office at 11 and delivered it back, fixed, before end of day.
    The service was super fast, efficient and good value for money. I needed to urgently replace my Macbook keyboard, which they’ve provided really fast, while maintaining good quality.
    Very easy to communicate with pickup and drop service. Upmost quality service and competitive price. They are the only who can replace Apple Watch screen.
    Hi I have recently had water damaged on a fairly new MacBook Pro, and had to get the keybpard replaced. Orginally I had it looked at at a vendor in Sharjah. They chaged me a service fee, it worked few days and then it stopped.
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